We make everyday graphic products. We’re designers and we like caressing the projects with our hands. We’re excited by paper, we love textiles and we want to bid farewell to plastics (at least those that we throw into the oceans!) Nothing is more sublime than a drawing made by hand, but we are fascinated by creating deconstructedly geometrical friezes and we adore limpid vectorial forms. We always try to produce locally in a way that is fair, considerate of others, and sustainable in a world where being consistent is almost impossible.

Chance meant that Manel Bonet’s dream of founding a brand of designer tourist products should cross with designer Martí Abril’slove of creating small conceptual objects, “experimental souvenirs” and graphic icons of Barcelona. Shortly afterwards David Torrents, a multidisciplinary designer and urban artist, joined the project to add his particular experience in the field of design.

From the very beginning these three dreamers were committed to quality and to local, sustainable production, although this has not always been possible in a context like tourism and merchandising. Now, after the impact of the coronavirus epidemic, we have reinvented ourselves in order to offer new products with greater added value and social utility aimed basically at our local public.

Moving our business forward despite the crisis, keeping our workshops and local people in work are the mainstays of our new direction.

Flor de Barcelonais a project created by Martí Abril, Manel Bonet and David Torrents with the collaboration of Jacqueline Molnár as the guiding spirit of the “masks”.